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A Flavorist Goes to Epcot

As a flavorist, vacation is always a wonderful time to try new foods, and to experience different cultures through the flavors. This December, I was

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate

We are all asked this question – what is the best thing you ever ate or what is the best restaurant you ever ate at? This question came up while I was dining at a fine steakhouse during my visit to the Supply Side West show.

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Sugar Cane

During Garry’s first trip to Singapore, he tasted freshly squeezed sugar cane juice in a Hawker market, and was surprised by its greenish yellow color and combination of expected and unexpected flavors. Some of the tasting notes sparked his curiosity about the sweetness of cane sugar compared to refined sugar, such as molasses, hints of vanilla, and grassy/hay notes.

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