Who We Are

Addressing the Needs of Entrepreneurs and Innovative Companies

Garry and Joe built Tasteworks specifically to address the needs of fast-growing startups. Before founding Tasteworks in 2006, they worked for large flavor companies that lacked the desire to provide small and mid-sized companies the care and attention they deserve. As a result, we provide companies of all sizes with solutions that drive growth and innovation.

Our Story

Garry Conklin and Joe DiBenedetto began their careers in the flavor industry, working for large flavor houses like IFF, Dragoco, and Firmenich. Over time, they realized that these large flavor companies were unwilling of meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies, as they lacked the flexibility and personalized mentorship that small companies need to grow their brands. To that end, they founded The Tec Team, now Tasteworks, 15 years ago to help and support smaller companies that were not effectively served by the large flavor houses where they spent their careers.

Meet Garry Conklin

Garry stumbled into the flavor industry while pursuing a chemistry degree. What began as a summer position as a Flavor Chemist assistant gradually became a lifelong career spanning over three decades. During his 17 years at Dragoco, he was trained in every aspect of flavor development and production, eventually reaching the position of Chief Flavor Chemist for North America. Garry then accepted the position of Director of Flavor Research at IFF. After serving in this role for five years, he started the Tec Team (now Tasteworks) in 2006 and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Flavor Chemist.

Meet Joe DiBenedetto

Joe began his career in the flavor industry as a laboratory technician at Firmenich in 1983. During his ten years there, he was trained as a flavor chemist and specialized in savory flavors. He was fortunate to have learned the Maillard reaction under some of the earliest pioneers to study processed flavors. He later served as a Senior Flavor Chemist for Campbell Soup, Dragoco, and IFF. During his tenure at IFF, he was promoted to Senior Research Flavorist. He then went on to cofound the Tec Team in 2006, and currently serves as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Savory Flavor Chemist.

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