What We Do

Providing Full-Service, Custom Flavor Development Services to Make Your Product Shine

When you work with Tasteworks, a flavorist will partner with you one-on-one to create custom-developed and personalized flavors that are truly unique to your product. We are available any time to consult on all the growing pains that come with launching a new product—including development, production, and quality issues. And we never charge for any development work—we get paid when you launch a successful product containing our flavors.


Full-Service Product Development Mentorship, From Conceptualization to Commercialization

When you work with us, we’ll be with you from start to finish. We do not simply fulfill your order and move on to assisting the next company. Instead, we believe in supporting you through each phase of conceptualizing, designing, and launching a successful brand. Our team understands what it takes to transform a vision into a commercial success.

We have helped founders grow their businesses from garage projects into multi-million dollar brands. 

With decades of flavor industry experience, you can trust that we have the expertise to make your product concepts a reality.

Custom Flavor Solutions for Every Application

In today’s market, using off-the-shelf flavors may not be the best solution for your product. You want your product to stand out from the rest—that's where we come in.

At Tasteworks, we provide customized flavor development and application services for small and mid-sized food and beverage brands looking to delight consumers’ senses.

Our experienced and innovative flavorists will work with you to articulate your ideas and bring them to life by providing custom-created flavor solutions. As a specialized flavor research and development company, we are committed to working closely with your business or start-up to create innovative, powerful, and unique flavor solutions that impress and entice consumers.

Flavors and Applications

Solutions That Improve Speed to Market

In today's challenging and competitive commercial landscape, speed is everything. However, getting a product to market quickly doesn't mean sacrificing its quality.

Our personalized approach to product formulation—structured as a one-on-one mentorship with an expert flavorist—means we can develop unique flavor solutions much faster than the competition. This efficient approach ensures that your company can be on the cutting edge of every new market trend.

Tasteworks offers industry-leading production times — faster than the big flavor companies.

With a turnaround of as little as five business days (or faster, if necessity dictates). We have no minimum order sizes, meaning you can market-test innovative products before you commit to a full-scale product launch. We work with some of the largest brands in the country, so you can trust that we have the capacity to grow with your brand as rapidly as your success requires.


Ready to transform your idea into a reality?