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WFFC 39th Annual Gala

Annual Gala Last week a few of us attended the annual WFFC gala, an organization that provides networking and advancement opportunities for women in our

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Moroccan Mint Tea

Many of our hotel stays were at riads in the various cities. We were often greeted with a fresh pot of Moroccan mint tea, a delicious blend of spearmint, green tea, and sugar.

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A recent trip to Morocco was a full delight on all of our senses. We travelled to five different cities, and each one offered their own unique dishes, history, and experiences. Since coming home, we’ve been inspired to make new flavors and applications that remind us of the trip.

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Manuka Honey

Manuka honey, derived from the nectar of the rare Manuka bush in New Zealand, undergoes a unique grading system based on compounds like MGO to determine its quality and authenticity. Offering distinctive taste, texture, and potential health benefits, Manuka honey has earned its reputation as a “superfood”.

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